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Black, white, mixed or creole? Where do I fit in as a Seychellois Creole? Identity is so important to many of us living abroad. When you grow up in a country that is not your own, you always feel a sense of yearning for your ‘home’ country and it can take a while for young […]

The first people to pass by the islands and probably use them as temporary shelters were the ancestors of the people who eventually populated the nearby island of Madagascar. They rode the oceans on primitive but rugged outrigger canoes from their home in the Sunda Islands of the Malay Archipelago sometime between 200 and 500 […]

A Seychellois and now naturalised Norwegian citizen has been recognised by the Mayor of Oslo for his contributions in the arts sector.  Cliff A. Moustache is artistic director of the Nordic Black Theater in Oslo. He founded the theater himself in 1992, together with Jarl Solberg. The theater caters to performing artists and youth with backgrounds from the […]

Perfect Pitch Publishing signed a global publishing deal with Grace Barbé and Jamie Searle the songwriter duo behind WA’s award-winning reggae, Afrobeat and psychedelic band Grace Barbé Singer and bassist Grace Barbé hail from the Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles, where a colourful history of slavery, pirates, coups d’état, and coconuts have produced a […]

Music and dance have always played a prominent role in Seychelles’ culture and in all types of local festivities. After the abolition of slavery and the shift in power from the French to the British, the musical instruments became more common with the new dance forms that appeared in Seychelles. Many traditional bands were formed […]