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A Seychellois and now naturalised Norwegian citizen has been recognised by the Mayor of Oslo for his contributions in the arts sector.  Cliff A. Moustache is artistic director of the Nordic Black Theater in Oslo. He founded the theater himself in 1992, together with Jarl Solberg. The theater caters to performing artists and youth with backgrounds from the […]

Ingredients: 50 ml White Rum. 50 ml Coconut Milk. 30 ml Pineapple Juice. 30 ml Orange Juice. 30 ml Grand Marnier. Crushed Ice Shake vigorously all ingredients in shaker, except for ice and Grand Marnier. Fill glass with ice. Pour mixture into glass, then carefully float grand marnier on top. Dust liberally with freshly ground […]

Ingredients: 500 grams cleaned squid tubes. 1/3 cup white flour. 1/3 cup corn flour. 1 teaspoon crushed black pepper. 1 teaspoon sea salt. peanut oil for deep frying. Chilli or garlic sauce to taste. Clean squid if not clean, cut into 3 cm rings. Quarter rings lengthwise. Finish with quarter circle curls about 3 cm […]

Ingredients: 1 – 2 Octopus tentacles 1 cucumber (sliced thin) 2 scallions (sliced thin) 1 clove garlic (smashed) 1 scotch bonnet pepper (sliced thin) 2 limes (juice) 1/4 cup water 1/4 teaspoon sea salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1 tablespoon cilantro Instructions: Put the octopus tentacles in a small pot and boil until a fork […]

Ingredients 1 cup fresh lime juice 2 cups grenadine syrup 2 cups Takamaka Bay Dark Rum 1 cup Takamaka Coco Rum 2 cups pineapple juice 2 cups orange juice 5-8 drops of Angostura bitters Dash nutmeg Orange slices, for garnish Pineapple slices, for garnish Instructions: Squeeze the limes for that freshly squeezed juice you need […]

Ingredients : 2 tablespoons of cilantro, chopped. 2 tablespoons of red or green hot pepper, finely chopped. Juice of 1 lime. 1/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil. Salt and pepper.   Preparation: Peel the chayote with a vegetable peeler. Slice in half and remove the soft seed in the middle. Shred the chayote. Simmer […]

Ingredients : 6 Lbs Carrots. 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract. 1 Tsp Almond Extract. ½ Grated Nutmeg. 1 Tsp Ground Cinnamon Powder. 1 Can Nature’s Charm Condensed Milk. 1 Can Coconut Milk. 2 Guinness Stout. Methods: Blend –  Wash carrots and add them in a blender with the ingredients. Add a small amount of water. Blend […]

Boulet Pwason (Fish Balls) Ingredients: 450 grams white fish fillets, skinned, boned and cubed 3 spring onions chopped 1 bacon fat rasher, with rind removed and chopped 1 tablespoon Chinese white wine or dry sherry 2 tablespoons light soy sauce 1 egg white Method: Put the cubed fish, spring onion pieces, bacon fat, rice wine, […]

A delicious and creamy blend of banana and rum. Ingredients: 30 ml Coconut Cream 1 or 2 sliced bananas 120 ml Pineapple Juice 30 ml Takamka Bay Dark Rum 30 ml Takamaka Bay Coco Rum (White) Kitchen appliance: A blender or food processor Combine all the ingredients in a blender or food processor at maximum […]

Perfect Pitch Publishing signed a global publishing deal with Grace Barbé and Jamie Searle the songwriter duo behind WA’s award-winning reggae, Afrobeat and psychedelic band Grace Barbé Singer and bassist Grace Barbé hail from the Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles, where a colourful history of slavery, pirates, coups d’état, and coconuts have produced a […]